Integr@ provides an on-cloud software platform to automate the processes of surveillance, license verification, fining/fine payment, and management for cities.

The platform and the smartphone app automate the process, providing the following advantages:

Surveillance and verification
processes in real-time. Exhaustive
ability to track.
iParkTicket Disc B
Fining/fine payment process
in real-time. Fraud management.
Online tools for management
of resources and fining,
making it very user-friendly.

What is iParkTicket?

iParkTicket is an automated verification, fining, and fine payment system in real-time for surface parking, as well as city and police parking, capable of managing the process of vehicle towing and payment.

  • It automates the verification and fining process, reducing processing time, optimizing resources, and eliminating corruption.

  • It discloses current position of verification agents / police, modifies routes in a dynamic way and measures performance both individually and collectively.

  • It locates stolen vehicles, and manages neighbors and users with permits, as well as notifying them of acts of vandalism.

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Verification and Fines

Police and agents have mobiles equipped with the Android operating system and an app connected in real-time to the iParkSuite backoffice, which enables them to perform the following actions: