iParkMe On-Street

iParkMe On-Street

iParkMe is an application for the payment1, management2 and marketing3 of car-related services.

Pay for Parking

  • 1
    Select “Pay for Parking” from the main menu.
  • 2
    Confirm the information: license plate, location, and amount.
  • 3
    Select the end time using the slider and/or the increment buttons.
  • 4
    Confirm payment for the parking operation.
  • 5
    The app will display a summary of the operation and all related information.



Properly park in regulated zones without having to go to the parking meter or leave a ticket in your car. Use the app in any city or parking installment in the system.


Add time without having to go to the parking meter, paying from the time your original ticket ends.


Leave your parking spot and pay only for the exact time occupied. Park for the maximum amount without worrying about when your time expires, and get refunded unused time.


Receive automatic notifications when:

  • Your time is about to expire. You can add time from anywhere you are with two simple clicks.
  • Even if you have been ticketed because your time expired, you can pay the fine, reducing waiting time.
  • There is no possibility of being ticketed incorrectly (surveillance is integrated in real-time) or of fraudulent charges.

Consult all information in real-time:

  • Your parking spots and payments
  • Parking availability and your area/city
  • Rates and available discounts