Integr@ Parking Solutions

Over 20 years of setting trends internationally in the world of On-Street solutions

Our Mission

To design, develop, and market solutions and services for parking, urban mobility, and municipal services by combining the use of mobile applications and software and hardware engineering.

Our Values

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    Experience in the Sector

    We are a multidisciplinary team with more than 20 years experience developing innovative solutions in the sector of parking and mobility management.
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    We are capable of combining, developing, and adapting cutting-edge technological solutions (mobile apps in native environments), with hardware and software developments for the industrial sector: extended temperature range, extremely low consumption, and a lifespan of over 10 years.
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    Industrial Mentality

    We understand that the market needs multimedia solutions with guarantees and an industrial life cycle, where performance and availability coexist for the duration of the solution.
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    Innovation and UX

    A long history of innovations that have set undeniable trends since 1996 demonstrates our success. We have been pioneers in the use of license plates, the centralization of operations through GPRS in real-time (1996), the use of verification and fining applications with PDA’s capable of publishing parking availability in real-time (2006), and going against the sector, we backed the use of a color touchscreen for parking meters: what we can now actually call a standard.
    Currently, I@ is developing the first parking system purely online with an open municipal control center for both EYSA and the city of Bilbao.
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    Business Integration

    We adapt our solutions to the specific needs of our clients, the reality of the contracted installation, and to any technologies they have developed.
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    Added Value

    We provide our proven experience, capacity for innovation, and ambition for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Where We Operate


2017 – iParkControl, a New Concept for Management of Small Slots

Currently, most small and medium-sized parking lots in North America and Latin America are not automated due to the high cost of traditional machinery, taking into consideration the number of available places and the cost of labor. This way of working does not let you understand the actual income, and it supposes operative savings for the clients and owners. With the idea of solving these types of parking lots, iParkControl was born: a “low-cost” system for managing, marketing, reserving, and payment collection in small and medium-sized parking lots.  
  1. Entry: Vehicle entry is recorded by license plate.

  2. Payment: Automated through a mobile phone capable of receiving payment with an EMV credit card and printing receipts.

  3. Exit: Allows and records vehicle exit once the payment has been made.

  Currently, the first installations have been successfully implemented in Panama and Mexico, with the aim of managing small and medium-sized parking lots, access to residential areas, valet and hotel parking, and offering a platform for marketing, reservation, and payment of slots.   iParkControl

2015 - ANDAMAR, Veracruz

A new way of understanding mobility, in the state of Veracruz, the second most important port in Latin America. iParkMe is the main means for the payment of parking in Veracruz’s biggest cities, both in parking meters and shopping centers: Veracruz and Cordoba, the state’s most important cities. In Veracruz, the municipality and the operator have opted for a new model of mobility management. The iParkMe mobile payment has allowed integrating on-street parking with access to private parking (off-street) and opened a wide range of services in favor of mobility. With regards to private parking, the shopping center Andamar Lifestyle from Grupo Sordo Madaleno stands out, a national reference.   iParkMe Andamar

2013 – MEYPAR, Manresa

In 2013, Integr@ and MEYPAR S.A. from the Oliva Torras S.A. group reached an agreement for the joint development of a new concept for a parking meter: a kiosk to manage mobility and provide services associated with the traditional scheme of surface parking.

A multimedia parking meter with an IK10 certified 10.4″ touchscreen and a 14W solar panel with 4 adjustable positions capable of:

  • Refunding unused time thanks to a virtual wallet associated with the license plate
  • Speeding up the operation process, eliminating the need to enter the license plate thanks to the ticket and a scanner installed in the parking meter that permits additional services
  • Providing information to users about points of interest: hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, emergency services, etc. (known as Close2Me)
  • A base to offer innovative services for merchants: discount coupons, ticket validation in shops to promote parking in specific areas, etc.

Currently in 2017, the following cities (among other cities), use this technology for the benefit of public mobility: Sant Cugat, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Granollers, Córdoba (Veracruz) Matehuala, Ciudad Valles, etc.

2012 – EYSAMobile over 350.000 users and 70.000 operations per day

Between 2011 and 2015, Integr@ worked jointly with EYSA; they developed and maintained the EYSAMobile app, managing over 55 cities all over Spain, 70,000 tickets per day, and 350,000 users that were later transferred to the new elParking app.

EYSAMobile was the last pay-by-mobile app to start operating in Madrid, and quickly became the absolute leader with more than 55% of the share of operations ahead of TELPARK and e-Park.


2006 – Bilbao

The so-called OPS system prevailed in the Bilbao tender, thanks to its technical strength and cutting-edge benefits.

For the first time,

  • a service with a web interface for pay-by-mobile is enabled, so that going to the parking meter is no longer necessary to park, to add time, or to get refunded for unused time after leaving the parking space
  • parking availability is posted in real-time to reduce time spent looking for parking, all thanks to a software platform capable of dividing the city into sections and calculating the availability from active tickets and data provided from surveillance by agents
  • Vehicles equipped with LPR to automate surveillance are integrated

Eleven years later, surface parking has definitively dedicated itself to the avant-guarde commitment to find out and post availability in real-time, thereby reducing and optimizing traffic, and reducing pollution caused by searching for parking.

Just a few important Spanish cities that supported innovation and installed OPS are the following: San Sebastián, Zaragoza, Córdoba and Hospitalet.

Open Parking System

2003 - First Multimedia Parking Meter

The company Open Traffic Systems S.L. was founded in Barcelona, where the team that currently comprises Integr@ Parking Solutions developed, designed, and marketed the first multimedia parking meter on the market in the year 2003, thereby creating what has become a standard in the surface parking sector:

  • a 10.4 inch graphic display that provides a more pleasing, user-friendly interface, and also allows for additional services
  • bidirectional communication in real-time between parking meters, surveillance terminals, and a single control center
  • parking based on the license plate as identification for the operation, letting you park, add time, leave parking spot, and pay after an initial operation, with automatic fine cancellation

Parquímetro SAIPE

1996 - First System Centralized in Real-time

As developers and those in charge of projects in SIEMENS Controlmatic, the team that currently comprises Integr@ Parking Solutions designed, developed, and marketed the first system centralized in real-time of GPRS in parking meters with pay-by-mobile, surveillance application on PDA‘s, and a control center for OTA de Bilbao.

For the first time, a system of payment for the exact time used was introduced, where the users could leave their parking spot and get refunded unused time, through the use of a proprietary chip card.

This system operated in Bilbao from 1996 until 2006.

OTA Card